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The legendary Castle-Fair June 9 & 10 2019!

Dear visitors from near and far!

Come and celebrate with us the legendary Guttenberg Castle-Fair at June 9 & 10 2019!

Brave knights, mean witches, beautiful princesses, skilled craftsmen, and talented musicians will all be there! Don't miss the medieval festival!
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Medieval feast

Medieval feast
Have a taste of the medieval cuisine with specialties from the stone oven, the huge swing grill and suckling pig.

Raptor Show

Raptor Show
Eagles, vultures and owls float in free flight over the Neckar valley or directly over the heads of the visitors and bounce through the sits.


Take a time journey from the Middle Ages to the 19th century through the exhibition “Life at the Knight’s Castle” leading to the 40 m high tower.
9th & 10th June 2019

9th & 10th June 2019

Time: 10:00 – 22:00 Uhr

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Entertainment program

Entertainment program

Craftsmen from near and far offer their goods on the medieval market. Artists present their works of art, musicians play songs. Knights measure forces in sword fights. For children, there are Lego castles to build, storytellers and games.

Burgfest Program

Sunday & MondayLocation
10:00Opening of the medieval market
10:00Start of the Lego actionMuseum
10:30Music from the Bohemian BardsStage on the Castle Meadow
11:00Flight DemonstrationRaptor Center
11:00The castle jokers showStage on the Castle Meadow
11:30Swordplay of the Knights of BalestraCastle Yard - Meadow
12:00Parade of the actorsCastle Yard - Meadow
12:30Fairytale hourGhost Cellar of the Castle Yard
13:00Swordplay of the Knights of BalestraStage on the Castle Meadow
13:30The castle jokers showStage on the Castle Meadow
14:00Opening of the children's knight's gamesFlower Garden
14:30Music from the Bohemian BardsStage on the Castle Meadow
15:00Flight DemonstrationRaptor Center
15:00Fairytale hourGhost Cellar of the Castle Yard
15:30Swordplay of the Knights of BalestraCastle Yard - Meadow
16:00The castle jokers showCastle Yard - Meadow
16:30Music from the Bohemian BardsStage on the Castle Meadow
16:30Children's Guide "Life on the Knight's Castle"Museum
17:00Fairytale hourGhost Cellar of the Castle Yard
17:30Swordplay of the Knights of BalestraCastle Yard - Meadow
17:45Castle Festival Finale with all the artistsCastle Meadow
Sunday EveningLocation
18:30Beginning of the evening event with Musici and Storyteller Beer Garden
19:00The castle jokers showCastle Meadow
19:30Concert of the Bohemian BardsBeer Garden
21:30 Fire show of Mystique‘sCastle Meadow
22:00Grand Final with the Dance of the FlamesCastle Meadow


Entry price to the castle festival for medieval dress adults is as high as the children's price.

Castle Festival incl. Museum & Tower

7,50 €
Adults in medieval clothes
5,50 €
Children above sword lenght (1.20 m)
5,50 €
Children under sword lenght (1.20 m)

Castle Festival incl. Museum, Tower & Raptor Center

16,00 €
Children (5-15 years)
12,00 €

Castle Festival incl. Museum, Tower, Raptor Center & Knight’s Dinner

40,00 €
Children (11-15 years)
27,10 €
Children (5-10 years)
19,10 €
Children (0-4 years)

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As it once was ...

Dancing until you drop and joy without end.

Photo Gallery

As it once was ...

Always watch out when witches offer you miracle elixir for drinking.

Photo Gallery


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